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Luxury Cruises

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River Cruise

History. Beauty. Memories.

Europe is the perfect place to explore on the rivers.  Unpack once and visit multiple countries.


Cruise the Rhine and visit France, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland. If you want to experience Austria, Germany, Hungary, and Slovakia you'll want to cruise the Danube. Portugal and Spain, the Douro. River cruising is a great option if is your first time to Europe or you've been multiple times. 

These smaller boats allow for more personalized service and excursion options are included at each port on many river cruises. 

We have some great options for river cruising in the US too if you would rather travel domestically.

Small Ship Cruising

Experience. Service. Elegance.

Small ships can go to places the big ships can't, allowing you to have unique experiences not possible on a mega ship. Seeing parts of nature the masses don't get the opportunity to see.

There are also a lot less people allowing for more personal service and better quality. Many of the small ship cruise lines have more inclusion, so at the end of the day you are not paying as much more as many people think.

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Exclusive Amenities

Our Distinctive Voyages Collection offered on over 300 sailings, includes extra amenities paired with exceptional cruises, at no additional cost to you. On these cruises you will have

  • a host onboard that you will be able to contact with any questions or special requests.

  • a private welcome reception to enjoy beverages and appetizers, while get to know the other passengers in the Distinctive Voyages group.

  • other amenities may include an exclusive shore excursion, a private car and driver or onboard credit.

Our Culinary Collection celebrates a world of epicurean delights and features demonstrations from world-renowned chefs, cooking classes onboard, on shore wine and spirit tastings, and delightful meals focused on regional cuisine.

And we are able to offer these fabulous amenities to you because of our preferred partnership with the top luxury cruise lines in the world.

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